Over five years ago, we imported 2,000 pink salt blocks from the Himalayas, to help with the ageing process for our renowned Cumbrian beef, pork and lamb.

Udale Speciality Foods were the first in the country to start using this technique on a commercial basis and our chamber is now the largest in the country. The expertise we have gained over the past six years, has translated into the development of multiple award-winning products.

The salt blocks are put together to form a cold room with 4800 Himalayan Salt Blocks, which acts as a state-of-the-art natural refrigerator more commonly associated with the production of Parma ham. Typically, the meat is aged for 28-35 days.

The salt sucks the moisture out of the air so the meat can dry naturally, improving the taste and enhancing the texture.

The controlled atmosphere inside the chamber results in beef, lamb and pork with a fantastic concentration of flavour that is being savoured in hotels and restaurants throughout the UK.

How does the Himalayan Salt Ageing chamber work?

As we can’t just eat freshly slaughtered meat, there is a process called autolysis that allows the natural enzymes and amino acids in the meat to break down the collagen and fibres. In grass-fed beef, for example, this process works well because unlike grain fed cattle, grass-fed cows generate increased levels of alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega 3 unsaturated fat, which adds more intensity of flavour within as the beef is aged. In Cumbria, we pride ourselves on the rain-soaked grass our cattle feed on.

Additionally, within the ageing process most meats produce an external bacterial bloom, which isn’t always welcome. In our de-humidified, precision temperature controlled Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber – this process is greatly reduced if not removed entirely to ensure that the internal ageing isn’t affected by external factors. This is because the intensity of nitrates delivered by the dry, chilled, saline environment inhibits external bacterial growth.

What can you expect from our Salt Ageing Chamber?

Our Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber allows for increased flavours to seriously wow customers, without bacterial growth that can often be associated with naturally dry-aged meat.

Whilst naturally dry-aged meats can be aged safely up to 40 days or so, Salt Ageing not only breaks through that barrier but also delivers a beautifully intense flavour.

What Salt Aged products can I order?

  • Himalayan Salt Chamber Dry Aged Beef (minimum 28 Days)
    Includes: Sirloins/Fillets/Ribs/Rumps/Jacobs Ladder/ Feather Blades/Onglet
  • Himalayan Salt Chamber Dry Aged PorkIncludes: Belly/Loin/Leg/Shoulder/Cheeks/Jowls/Head/Feet
  • Himalayan Salt Chamber Dry Aged Venison
    Includes: Saddles/Haunches
  • Himalayan Salt Chamber Whole Ducks

For more detailed information on our Salt Chamber Dry Aged meat, check out our chef’s selection leaflet.