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Salt Ageing – What’s it all about?


Evidence dating back 12,000 years points to humans first storing food for later consumption. This was the time humans decided that instead of just eating what they hunted and killed, our ancestors began to think about saving a bit for later, which it turns out is exactly the ethos around your weekly trip to the supermarket!

Over thousands of years humans learnt to store food in a variety of imaginative processes that included storing food in ice and snow, sub zero streams, under a hot sun, or in cool caves lined with salt.

Today, our Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber continues a timeless tradition of air-drying your meat to increase its flavour. After all, we’re all in the flavour game, you, us, and your customers.

So how does the Himalayan Salt Ageing chamber work?

Well for starters we’re all aware of the fact that we can’t just eat freshly killed meat. There is a process called autolysis that allows the natural enzymes and amino acids in the meat to break down the collagen and fibres. In grass fed beef for example this process works well because unlike grain fed cattle, grass-munching cows generate increased levels of alpha-linolenic acid, which is in fact an omega 3 unsaturated fat, which adds even further intensity of flavour within the marbling as the beef is aged. In Cumbria we pride ourselves on the rain soaked grass our cattle feed on!

It’s also worth mentioning that within the ageing process most if not all meat produce an external bacterial bloom, which isn’t always welcome. In our de-humidified, precision temperature controlled Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber this process is greatly reduced if not removed entirely to ensure that the internal ageing isn’t affected by external factors because the intensity of nitrates delivered by the dry, chilled, saline environment inhibits external bacterial growth – best of both worlds.

What can you expect from our Salt Ageing Chamber?

 Based on basic principals thousands of years old our Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber allows for increased flavours to seriously wow your customers, without bacterial growth that can often be associated with naturally dry aged meat. Whilst naturally dry aged meats can be aged safely up to 40 days or so, Salt Ageing not only breaks through that barrier but also delivers a beautifully intense flavour your customers will just love.

Did you know?

The worlds longest recorded aged rib eye was 459 days old, whilst there are chefs in the UK who routinely serve 150 day aged? At 459 days the beef provides a flavour blend of blue cheese, truffle, popcorn and butter!

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