Eating great food in season has several benefits. It’s not just great value at a competitive price but it’s invariably of better quality. And don’t forget that dining on seasonal food is what connects us with nature. Some products are about all year, especially our breakfast goods and offal is widely available.

There are no hard and fast rules to seasonality due to seasonal conditions but the following list allows chefs to plan.


Beef Steaks – Chicken – Sausages – Spring Lamb – Last of the game birds.


Meat: Beef Steaks – Chicken – Ham – Lamb – Pork Pies – Pork Spare Ribs – Saltmarsh Lamb – Sausages – Venison


Chicken – Grouse – Ham – Heather-fed Lamb – Pies Pork – Sausages – Venison


Meat: Chicken – Gammon – Goose – Partridge – Pheasant – Sausages – Turkey – Venison – Wild Duck



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