‘I have used Udale for a while now, and I can’t see that changing. The quality of the meat they supply me is some of the best I’ve worked with, especially their lamb! A friendly and efficient team make me want to pick up the phone and place my order with them. I know it will be on time and just right. Easily one of my favourite suppliers.’ Click

I’ve worked with Udale for a number of years, the standard never drops. They supply a great variety of meat and game which is matched with with a top quality personal service’. Click

‘I’ve been working with Udale for some time now and the quality of the meat products are second to none. They are always working with me to reach the highest of standards.’ Click

‘Quality is key and working with Udale provides this through a consistent delivery of product every time. From a chefs perspective knowing the outcome of the dish before you start cooking is key to genuine consistency and ongoing guest satisfaction. ‘

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